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Naked Latino Twinks BEBETO

naked latino twink
New model Bebeto is a cute Latino twink

This serious-looking 18 year old with the cute bubble butt and nice uncut cock is LatinBoyz.Com’s newest model Bebeto.

nude latin twink
He might be straight bit still has a hot ass

He was born and raised in Los Angeles.

latin twink cock
Bebeto’s latin cock is always hard and ready

He was on his High School wrestling team and will be on his college team this fall.

Latin twink nude
Now who doesn’t love some Latin twink cock once in a while?

He told us he’s horny 24/7 and this straight Latino twink loves getting his dick sucked more than anything.

Latino twink
This Latino twink loves having this cock sucked

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Hung Naked Latino Men REYES

naked Latin men
Introducing this sexy naked Latin man

The sexy guy shown here with the killer abs and big fuckin’ dick is this week’s new model Reyes.

naked Latino men
Sexy naked Latino men

He’s a 21 year old college student from Arizona. He’s versatile and is turned on by guys that are natural and masculine, like himself.

sexy Latino men
Check out this sexy natural Latino man

In addition to that big dick he has a nice hairy bubble butt, too, and likes other guys that have naturally hairy bodies. His biggest turn on his a nice full bush of pubes and it doesn’t hurt if they’re surrounding a big uncut cock.

big Latino cock
Reyes’ big Latino cock is always ready!

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Naked Latin Men with BIG Uncut Cocks: LITO

naked Latin men
Lito is one of LatinBoyz hot naked Latin men

This week’s new model is a cute 18 year old named Lito.

thick Latin cock
Lito loves showing off his thick Latin cock

He was a wrestler in High School and still wrestles now that he is in college.

latin uncut cock
His Latin uncut cock has lots of foreskin to play with.

He has never had sex with a guy yet and the closest thing he was done was once while wrestling the other guy got hard and ended up cumming inside his wrestling shorts.

big Latin cock
Lito has a big Latin cock

Sexy Latino with Hot Body KATRACHO

sexy Laitno men
LatinBoyz.Com model Katracho shows off his sexy Latino body

The guy in the photos with the sexy abs (and everything else for that matter) is our newest model Katracho. He’s 18 and was born in Honduras but raised in Southern California. He’s never fucked around with a guy before but says he’s ‘curious’ and has been hit up at the gym a couple times by guys but hasn’t gone all they way, yet.

big Latin cock
Katracho’s big Latin cock wants to be set free

During the shoot he got so excited that he accidentally shot is load before we even got his underwear off. He told us he only needed a half an hour to recharge his batteries and true to his word he had no problem getting hard again and shot an even bigger load after that.

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Thick Latin Cock from new model MORENO GATO

Moreno Gato
LatinBoyz Model Moreno Gato

The thick Latin dick pictured below belongs to a hot 21 year old named Moreno Gato.

latin cocks
This sexy papi is ready to show off his Latin cock

He’s bi and a top when he’s with a guy, which is most of the time. He used to be 50/50 with each sex but lately has been 90/10 in favor of the guys. When asked what people are surprised to find out about him it’s that he is very aggressive when having sex and likes biting, scratching and ass slapping. That didn’t surprise us because he looks like a no-nonsense type of guy that knows how to fuck.

thick Latin cock
Moreno Gato’s thick Latin cock.

Turn on: Fat asses – Turn off: Guys that can’t suck dick

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Smooth Latino asses….

Latino asses big cocks
Hot Latino asses are a LatinBoyz specialty

A lot of Latino porn producers get stuck on just one part of the guy: They’re dick. LatinBoyz has more than their share of big Latin cocks but they like ass, too. Especially when the guys bends over and spreads his sole like Night Owl. Click on the photo to see some of the other hot LatinBoyz models that love spreading their holes, too.

Latin twink
Look at this Latin twink and his big cock

The first thing guys notice about Arón when he gets naked is his fat uncut cock, big balls, and the birthmark on his cockhead (a first for us, too). When they see him dressed they sometimes assume he’s a bottom or not packing. Boy are they surpised!

He’s a top who does like to get fucked once in a while but usually when guys see his cock they want to be the bottom so he doesn’t get too many opportunities to show his versatile side.



Muscular Latino twink & WebCam model Paedro

muscular latin twink

According to his profile:

My Likes

My Obsessions & Desires

My Fetishes
Anal Training, Armpit, Cum Eating, Exhibitionism, Latex, Leather, Machines, Slaves, Spanking, Tickling

My Sex Toys
Anal Beads, Feather, Nipple Clamps, Tickler

Role-Playing Scenarios
Doctor / Nurse, Pirate/Captive, Service Worker/Housewife

He appears regularly on LatinBoyz.Webcam. Just click on the photo above or link below and then click on the button that says “EMail me when online” to get notification whenever he is online. Don’t forget to take advantage of the free 120 credits offer so you can take him private and direct him in your own show.