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Sexy Naked Latin Men DANTE

naked Latin men
Dante is a sexy naked Latin man with sexy abs

When the photographer first spotted Dante walking along the beach he couldn’t take his eyes off his sexy six pack abs… Or his cute face… Or his firm round ass… or the bulge in shorts. He must have been too obvious because Dante blurted out, “Are you going to just stare at me? Might as well take a picture.” Of course that’s exactly what he had in mind.

nude Latin men
This cute nude Latin man has a cute face, too.

We found out that Dante was a strict top when he first started fucking around with guys but a lot of guys couldn’t handle is thick boomerang shaped uncut cock so he learned to bottom, too, and now likes doing both equally.

Naked Latinos
Dante’s hot ass and big curved Latino cock

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PYTHON Shows off his big Latin Cock

big Latino cock
Your going to like what’s inside those jeans if you like big Latino cocks

Our newest model is a 20 year old kick boxer that told us he wants to be known for more than just having a big Latino cock. But, we told him when you go around calling yourself Python you’re going to get type cast.

naked Latin men
Python is one of LatinBoyz’ sexy naked Latin men

Everything about him his perfect except for his shaved pubes (we prefer a natural hairy bush). He explained that someone that sucks his dick a lot told him no more head unless he shaved and I guess we can understand his thinking even though we would have preferred he left them more natural.

uncut Latino cock
Python whips out his huge uncut Latino cock
big Latin cock
Python’s big Latin cock in the ‘ready to fuck’ position

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Big Latino Cock DEEZIE

Deezie’s Big Latin Cock

The newest LatinBoyz model featured on our site this week is a cute 21 year old from Arizona that really loves getting his dick sucked and likes to fuck doggy style.

cute Latin men
Cute Latino stud Deezie from LatinBoyz.Com

He didn’t tell them whether he was straight, gay or bi and said, “I guess the only way to find out is to get with me.” I’m sure there are lots of guys (and girls) out there that would love to do that!

big Latin cock
Deezie’s big Latin cock

As you can see we were not exaggerating about his big Latin cock!

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Naked Puerto Rican with Big Cock JAE G

Puerto Rican twink
This Puerto Rican twink has a hot ass and big cock

If you love big Puerto Rican cocks and hot asses on Latino twinks you will love the newest LatinBoyz model Jae G.

naked Puerto Rican men
What a sexy body on this hot Puerto Rican twink papi

They found him on social media where he had already posted a lot of hot photos and videos he made of himself so when they asked him to show his stuff and make some $$$ he was ready.

nude Puerto Rican
Check out the hot ass on this nude Puerto Rican twink

He’s from Brooklyn and loves sex and is 100% versatile. They’re trying to convince him to do some videos with the other hot models and hope to have some good news soon.

Puerto Rican cock
Look at that big Puerto Rican cock

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Uncut Latino Cock BENT

uncut latin cock
Bent is packing some serious Latino foreskin under those basketball shorts

This hot looking guy in the basketball shorts with all the yummy foreskin is our newest model Bent.

uncut latino cock
Bent loved showing off his uncut Latino cock

He’s a 21 one year old Puerto Rican who was born and raised in Texas. He said he’s straight but also told us he has messed around with guys and has been a top and done oral.

uncut Puerto Rican cock
This sexy guy is Puerto Rican

We’re sure that big curved cock of his has given lots of pleasure to both sexes.

big Latino cock
Bent loves getting his big uncut Latino cock sucked

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LOW KEY Shows off his big Mexican Cock

LatinBoyz model Low Key
LatinBoyz.Cm model Low Key

This week’s featured model is a 22 year old top from Northern California that has a nice big eight inch Mexican cock. Like his name suggests he likes to be low key and masculine and likes guys that act the same way.

big mexican cock
Low Key’s Big Mexican Cock

He told us his favorite position is when the guy is bent down in front of him because he gets really turned on by watching that big Latino cock slide in and out of a nice tight butthole. He really gets turned on by the clapping sound of his body slamming hard against the other guy, too.

big latino cock
See more of his big Latino cock on LatinBoyz.Com

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Naked Mexican Men OSKAR

naked mexican men
Naked Mexican Men – Oskar from LatinBoyz.Com

The LatinBoyz.Com photographer first noticed Oskar driving crazy (and shirtless) on his ATV through the streets of Puerto Vallarta. His first thought: This guy is loco… but hot!

nude mexican men
Nude Mexican Men – Oskar form LatinBoyz.Com

He saw him a few other times doing the same thing but never had a chance to talk to him until one day when he passed by a market and the ATV was parked outside. Of course he went inside and sure enough there he was. We can’t tell you the rest of the story but here he is on LatinBoyz.Com so you get the idea 🙂

mexican uncut cock
Mexican Uncut Cock – Oskar from LatinBoyz.Com

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Straight Boy RASCAL Fucks His First Ass

naked latino men
Rascal is a cute broke Straight Latino

We haven’t seen Rascal since he got sucked off in his ‘Broke Straight LatinBoyz’ video a year ago. When he called us saying he wanted to fuck a guy this time we didn’t waste any time in getting it set up.

naked latino men
Rascal has gotten his cock sucked before but this is first time fucking a guy

The lucky recipient is new model Memo who impressed us with his bottoming skills. Turns out Rascal’s a pretty good fuck, too.

straight latino fucks guy
Straight Latino Rascal fucks new model Memo

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Nude Brazilian Men CHAYO

As we have mentioned before the sound of skateboards outside our offices in Los Angeles have brought our attention to some really cute guys over the last couple years (and some really big dicks).

naked brazilian men
Naked Brazilian Men

On a recent trip to Rio de Janeiro our photographer heard that familiar sound and wondered if it would translate to the same thing in Brazil. It did! Check out our newest model Chayo.

sexy Latin men
Chayo is one of LatinBoyz’ newest sexy Latin men

He’s a bisexual top that loves to fuck and would do it 24/7 if he could.

Brazilian porn
Brazilian men are some of the best porn stars

To stay in shape he skates to the beach every morning and then does push ups and pull ups. Then if he’s lucky he will meet a hot guy (or girl) and finish his workout at home in bed.

brazilian cock
Chayo’s big Brazilian cock

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Latino cock uncut CHILL

Check out one of LatinBoyz.Com’s most recent models. His name is Chill and he’s sexy as fuck!

LatinBoyz model Chill

The hot papi you see here with the thick uncut Mexican cock and hot body & ass is 19 year old Chill.

latino cock

He’s very sexy and laid back. So laid back that he flaked on us twice before finally coming in for his shoot. We’re sure you agree he was worth the wait.

latin cock

He didn’t go into much detail about his private life but came in with a big hickie on his neck so we know someone is probably getting some of that thick uncut Mexican cock. You can see he has a really hot ass, too, but told us nobody has ever played with it 😥


Jackson… We didn’t know hairy under arms could be sexy!

latino cock thick
Jacks has a thick Latino cock!

20 year old Jackson loves to kick back, spread is legs and get his thick Latino dick sucked and we’re sure there is no shortage of people out there willing to help him out. When we were shooting his video he told us, “I’m straight. But…” He has messed around with a couple guys. The first time was at the beach after smoking a blunt when the guy he was hanging out with shoved his tongue down his throat and then sucked his dick. And just a couple weeks ago he fucked a girl in the ass for the first time and liked it so hopefully there will be more guy-on-guy action for him in the future