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Hot Naked Latinos REY

Naked Latinos
Rey is one of the newest naked Latinos on LatinBoyz

We met our latest Latino amateur model Rey on a recent trip to Colombia at a bar in the famed Parque Lleras club district where he was celebrating his birthday with friends.

nude Latinos
What’s inside this nude Latino’s white boxer briefs?

He seemed open to doing nude modeling but didn’t remember us when we called him the next day to find out if he was serious.

Latino cock
Rey has a big Latino cock

We reminded him about the money and that’s all that was needed to refresh his memory. This sexy papi is Bi and a top.

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Gay Latino Porn CHICO VALLE and TICO

gay Latino porn
LatinBoyz newest gay Latino porn stars Chico Valle and Tico

When two models tell LatinBoyz separately that they really want to work together they know it will be a hot LatinBoyz.Com Amateur Action scene.

gay Latin porn
Chico Valle’s big dick in action from this hot gay Latin porn.

Once they got them together they didn’t give them any direction and just told them to do what ever they wanted. After sucking each other’s dicks for a while Chico Valle knew what he wanted and started fucking Tico’s tight ass.

Both model’s are known for their huge cum shots and neither one let us down in the newest gay Latino porn. Check out the photos today.

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gay Latino fucking
Hot gay Latino porn!

Nude Latin Men with Curved Cocks DENNIS

Nude Latins curved cock
A lot of guys like getting fucked by curved Latino cocks

This cute 19 year old with the spikey hair is Dennis. He was born and raised in Southern California. So far he has only has sex with women but recently started playing with a dildo on the side and has been able to make himself cum without touching his dick while doing that.

nude Latinos
Dennis is one of LatinBoyz.Com’s newest nude Latinos

Speaking of cum… He shot a huge load, spurting 13 times during is Amateur video! He said that he has shot even bigger loads when playing with his new toy. We can only imagine what his load would be like if he was playing with the real thing.

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Latino Bareback Sex GUSTAVO and HENRY

Sexy Brazilian papi Gustavo has a huge uncut cock.

big Latin cock
Henry gets a taste of Gustavo’s big Latin cock

And he loves to fuck and he loves to fuck raw.

gay Latin porn
This is Henry’s first gay Latin porn

He called up the photographer and said he was horny and hadn’t fucked anyone in the ass for a long time and wanted him to hook something up.

Latino bareback
This is some hot Latino bareback action

Henry loves getting fucked hard and loves doing it bareback so he ended up being Gustavo’s bitch for an afternoon of hot fucking and the result is this new scene.

Latin bareback
Gustavo’s big bareback dick goes deep

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Latin Twink with Huge Cock FLAKITO

uncut twink cock
Flakito loves showing his big uncut twink cock

Why do cute skinny twinks always have big fucking dicks? Our latest example is this week’s new amateur Flakito, who is doing his very first naked photo shoot. He also has a really nice ass and he loves getting fucked.

Usually when he gets naked the guys he hooks up with want to get fucked by that big dick. But he won’t fuck anyone if they’re not wanting to fuck him, too.

Latino twink ass
Flakito as an amazing ass, too.

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